NSPP is the prime driver of the professionalization of pension administration and management in Nigeria. The professional body has a strategic relationship with the Nigerian pension operator’s forum (PENOP) to encourage meaningful professional standards and act as an integral part of the governance structure of the Nigerian Pension Industry. 01
Professional Consulting

Administration of any pension scheme requires time, money and professional knowledge. Our services are significant to pension advisor, fund managers, claims administrators, analysts and scheme managers.

Research Strength

NSPP is committed to provide research-based data on pension schemes, pension reports and surveys of the current pension’s landscape across the globe.


NSPP training fortifies the capacity of the main actors in the pension sector. We designed learning programmes for diverse range of participants; both in government and non-governmental sectors to bring better understanding of pension in the context of the global economic and financial changes.

NSPP Drives

NSPP has chosen to provide a standardized framework for the professional development of pension experts. It offers a platform for the development of experts who are responsible for running the pension industry and also serve as the body for establishing, maintaining, and improving professional standards in every aspect of pension administration and management.